Finding you more profit through your pricing

Every business at one time or another has doubts about its approach to pricing. 'Could we charge more and improve our profitability? Would a drop in price bring in lots more business?'

Burgin Associates is a uniquely focused consultancy specialising in pricing strategy and tactics.

We can help you find the answers.

  • Is your price position giving you the optimum profit from your activity?
  • Might a fundamentally different way of pricing give you a competitive edge?
  • Are there products in your portfolio that you could charge more for because they are fundamentally price insensitive?
  • Can your salespeople tell accurately which markets, which products and even which individual buyers are going to be price sensitive - before they make a quotation?
  • Would your salespeople find it easier to tell you that the market is price sensitive than to tell their customers that they are to have a price increase?
  • Do you want to enter a new market or launch a new product but are not sure where to position your price?
  • Do you have some intellectual property that you would like to licence but have no idea how to value it?
  • Do all the people in your organisation who have freedom to discount, use it as wisely as you would like?

We are experts in driving profitability through this often overlooked aspect of the marketing mix. We will help you ensure that your pricing strategy is configured to dovetail with all your other corporate objectives and your people do not let your margin slip through their fingers.

If you would like us to call you to discuss how we might be able to help please contact us.

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