Traditional market research methodology has always struggled to provide insight into pricing. The most obvious reason is that when asked, customers will usually suggest a lower price in order to save money. We regard asking direct questions about price, especially away from the context in which the decision is usually made, as not the right way to inform strategy. We have developed our own qualitative techniques to explore the decision making process for our clients.

Burgin Associates offers three main types of price research:

Market Entry

If you are planning to launch a new product, enter a new sector or geographical market we can research the market and advise you on your initial pricing strategy.

We use a technique called progressive executive research (P.E.R.). This involves senior consultants, usually with a background in running large commercial organisations, interviewing a range of relevant players in the intended market. We will visit end-users, distributors, specifiers and regulators with a view to building a complete understanding of the market and its competitive dynamics.

Market Positioning

We can survey your customers, competitors customers and lost customers to determine their perception of your price level. We research a range of brand attributes including quality, service and technical ability alongside price.

From the data collected we will build a comparative matrix showing your price position in key product groups relative to your main competitors.

Consumer Behaviour

We have developed specific techniques to isolate and examine the way that consumers react to price as part of the overall proposition. This can help with the setting out of websites, catalogues and price lists.

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Their view on the importance of leveraging the right price and how to go about achieving this is quite unique. I cannot recommend Cliff to enough people!

Nadio Granata

MD of LunchNet
Chartered Marketer