Whether we are helping you position a new product or analysing reams of transactional data to find price improvement opportunities, we stay focused on the objective of giving you practical solutions that will make you money. Our consultancy work is project based and comes with clear deliverables. We do not show up and camp in your meeting room for months on end billing by the day.

Some clients simply want us to provide expertise, however we also have the resource to implement change throughout your organisation.

  • Are you getting the best price for your product or service?
  • What price will your market stand?
  • Might there be a part of your organisation that is leaking price every day?
  • Do you suspect that a detailed overhaul of your price list could yield more profit?
  • Could you gain an advantage in your market by fundamentally changing the way you price?
  • Are you preparing to launch a new product or enter a new market and need to get the pricing right?
  • Do you have some intellectual property you would like to licence and need to know what to ask for and how to structure the deal?
  • Do you have the right controls in place to ensure your pricing strategy is implemented as intended throughout the organisation?
  • Have past plans to increase prices faltered at the implementation stage leaving you with a gross margin shortfall against budget?
  • Do you have a documented and cohesive pricing strategy designed to maximise profit?

We divide our work into three areas; strategy development, policy and control, and people development. We can work with your management team in any one, or perhaps all three of these. We can also shadow you and your team during negotiations for a particularly large contract acting as coaches, offering tactical advice, proposal writing skills and research resources.

Contact us to arrange an informal discussion.

…They have the capability to analyse vast amounts of data and draw out clear improvement strategies. Combine this with the ability to talk with all levels of the organisation and a willingness to stay alongside implementation. That’s value!


International Manufacturing Business in the Automotive Sector